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Flavored Coffees

A project for creating 10 espresso based drinks, tasting different, flavoured only with spices and no sugar. So people can easily replace their caramel latte with a … source

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Life is Coffee Comics #15

September 16, 2017 by Todd Zapoli Negative Positive Designed to Break Down © 2017 Life is Coffee Todd Zapoli Todd Zapoli loves to read and draw comics. He loves coffee too. Put all that together and the result are his coffee themed comics: Inanimate Objects and Life is Coffee. You …

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The Osaka Cold Brew Dripper Tutorial

Some fancy coffee shops have these large beautiful coffee brewers that make coffee one drop at a time. A top chamber holds very cold water sometimes mixed with ice. That water is set to slowly release onto coffee grounds drop by drop. Maybe one drop every 1-3 seconds. The coffee passes through the coffee grounds …

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