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Six Sheet Pan Recipe Ideas

  You know you’re supposed to be eating more vegetables, but it’s winter and you are staring down the barrel of some ugly, knobby, hard seasonal vegetables. (Solution: The sheet pan.)   You have only about half an hour to make dinner when you get home from work. The babysitter …

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If there is one cupcake I love to make on the weekends it is dark chocolate cupcakes topped with fluff, and dipped in dark chocolate. They are beyond delicious. The taste of fluff is a kind of a mix marshmallow and meringues, it is delicious, and dipped in dark chocolate, I mean …

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Dreamy Chocolate Dessert Recipes | Williams Sonoma Taste

Get the recipe for this Double Chocolate Layer Cake.   Valentine’s Day is almost upon us. Whether you’re staying home or going out, why not make a decadent chocolate dessert this year? There’s nothing like ending the evening at home with bubbly and chocolate. (Or a cocktail and chocolate. Or …

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How (and Why) to Use a Kitchen Scale

  When we first began developing our new collection of digital kitchen scales, we imagined a certain type of cook—an avid baker, perhaps, or the healthy meal-tracking type. However, the more we tested scales and used them in the kitchen, we realized that nearly every kind of cook can benefit …

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The Viral Recipes That Are Taking Over The Internet

Photo by @kelsey_thefarmersdaughter   Every once in a while, there’s a single recipe—a sauce from a famous chef, or a dinner idea from home cook—that captures the attention of home cooks and, all of a sudden, it’s everywhere. It starts on dinner tables across the country, then trickles it’s way …

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It is almost Valentine’s day, how about making Love conversation hearts for Valentine’s day.Not the regular one like in the store, but better if you ask me. These Love conversation hearts are made from homemade marzipan. The marzipan is made with sugar syrup instead of egg whites.It is easy to …

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