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The Inspirational Dishes of Jordi Roca

Jordi Roca i Fontané of El Celler de Can Roca, one of the holy trinity of Spain’s most renowned gastronomic institutions is a creative force.

His sweet creations are surprising, even whimsical, they stimulate the mind as much as they dazzle the taste buds, constantly pushing the boundaries of the sweet course and elevating it to new levels.

The youngest of the three Roca brothers, Jordi took some time to find his true calling, which he did in his brothers’ kitchen, and when he did, he excelled, turning the restaurant into one of the world’s most acclaimed. El Celler de Can Roca still holds three Michelin stars since 2009, in no small part to Jordi’s realisation of his talent to complement those of his brothers.

Here, we display some of Jordi Roca’s Inspirational Dishes, a collection of sweet concept art that presents the chef’s incredible talent.

Orange Colourology

by Jordi Roca ©Netflix


Rainy forest

Old book

Sourdough ice cream

Trip to La Havana

Charcoal-grilled porcini mushroom ice cream

Anarkia book cover

Montagud Editores

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