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Jose Andres Inspirational Dishes

Our inspirational dishes series celebrates some of the best dishes from some of the leading chefs in the world, like Ana Ros, Dominique Crenn, Albert Adria, Andre Chiang and the Roca brothers,  setting a bench mark for professionals and encouraging budding cooks. Next up to feature in our inspirational dishes series is culinary icon, José Andrés.

The Spansish born and US naturalised chef and international culinary innovator has almost three decades of culinary experience under his belt. From navigating the upper escelons of avant garde fine dining to feeding the thousands during his humanitarian work, he has over a dozen restaurants to his name across the US and Mexico as well as wearing many other hats including activist, advocate, philanthropist and artist, endorsed by a list of accolades as long as his apron strings.

Much like his borderless approach to his humanitarian work Andres’ eclectic cooking style knows no boundaries, formed by his early years training at elBulli in Spain defining his culinary style is sophisticated, playful and with personality.

His signature restaurants include two Michelin starred minibar by José Andrés in Washington, DC hailed as “a shrine to avant garde cooking” by the New York Times, serving a molecular tasting menu where dishes like snail eggs with tapioca was created and Somni, considered to be a ground breaking experience and led by chef Aitor Zabala, which received two stars in the newly published 2019 Michelin Guide for California.

Take a look and prepare to be inspired into ground breaking cooking: 


Soy Chicharron


Snail Caviar: Fast & Slow


Coca de Cebolla


Dessert Tree


Squab and Uni Chawanmushi


Spot Prawn and Nasturtium Leche de Tigre


Coriander Abanico


Corn BBQ & CornChata

Images © Greg Powers

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