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Michelin starred chefs cook ice cream:

Watching Michelin starred chefs cook is always fasicnating, but watching them cook one of your favourite dishes can really resonate, especially when it comes to elevating your technique and absorbing useful tips.

In our “Michelin Chefs Cook” series we focus in on some favourites, like chocolate and desserts, and for the latest episode we’ve decided to take a look at an all time summer favourite, loved by kids and adults alike, ice cream and sorbet.

That’s right, despite their everyday popularity ice cream and sorbet easily touch the heady heights of Michelin starred cooking with their versatility and capacity to allow different flavours shine.

Ice cream and sorbet get a sweet and savoury twist in these recipes below in the competent hands of chefs like Sean Brock, April Bloomfield, Tom Aikens. So take a look and be inspired what you could find in your freezer this season.

Michelin chefs make Ice Cream and sorbet

First up, here’s US chef Sean Brock taking the fear factor out of making ice cream picking up a classic peach ice cream using just four ingredientscream, sugar, egg yolk and fresh fruit.


April Bloomfield whips up the easiest strawberry sorbet ..ever …


Tom Aikens is makes a complex dish of pine nut ice cream with ricotta and green olive juice and parmesan snow.


Andy McFadden‘s rhubarb sorbet tops off a stunning dessert of forced Yorkshire rhurbarb and rose.


A light summery tomato ice cream amsue bouche is given star treatment by Markus Glocker below …


Stephen Harris is taking inspiration from the sea at his windswept Whiststable rennovated pub in kent with an oyster baked in its shell served with a rhubarb granita for acidity, followed by  a cream cheese ice cream with pear puree, ginger and meringue for dessert 


And last but not least, if you’re struggling to nai the texture of your ice cream, let the experts at ChefSteps show you the way to get super smooth ice cream every time, with some unexpected science led twists …

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