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The Four Seasons Restaurant in New York will Close its Doors Just 10 Months after a $40 million refurb

Manhattan’s Four Seasons will close just 10 months after a $40 million refurb and relocation.

Once the power lunch destination for finance big wigs and media moguls the restaurant had long lost its lustre as a new generation of foodies looked for more interesting and authentic culinary experiences.

When the real estate investor Aby Rosen pushed out Four Seasons from their home on in the landmark Seagram Building on Park Avenue, where they’d been for decades, in favour of Major Food Group with a younger fresher approach, the owners vowed to come back stronger with an upgraded Four Seasons to woo a new generation of power lunchers.

Last year, with $40 million worth of invested money they opened Four Seasons 2.0 just a few blocks away and installed talented young chef Diego Garcia, former sous chef at Le Bernardin. However, despite Garcia’s best efforts the restaurant failed to recapture the magic, the restaurant world had changed too much and the perception of a stuffy Gordon Gecko-era power lunching restaurant couldn’t be shaken.


“Regretfully, after nearly 60 years, the Four Seasons Restaurant will close the week of June 10th. We have been privileged to work with one of the finest culinary teams and outstanding staff that has stayed with us through some challenging times over the course of our history,” owner Alex von Bidder wrote in a statement to the New York Times.

“But we just couldn’t make it; the restaurant world has changed”.

The Four Seasons was once a place where politicians rubbed shoulders with CEOs and referred to as a ‘cathedral’ by Jackie Kennedy. However New York diners have voted with their feet and the Four Seasons is no longer relevant to them. The loss will no doubt be felt by some, but most New Yorkers, you feel, will barely even notice. There’s so many more new and exciting things to distract them.

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