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Food News Round Up The Week in Bites

The full first week back at work after the holidays and it feels like a very long time ago. The extra pounds and the sugar cravings are still with us though, so we’re not out of the woods yet. 

It was good, however, to get back to some routine, return to knowing what day of the week it is and start to monitor the world of gastronomy and food and see what’s making the headlines. Here is a selection of some of the stories and blogs that appeared on Fine Dining Lovers this week as well as a round-up of what caught our eye on the interweb.

 Would you believe it then that Meatless Mondays was actually a term coined more than 100 years ago?

In Asia, ‘endemic’ is the new luxury. Rarely known local produce has been trending in the most creative kitchens of Asia, and diners are also increasingly in the hunt to pay for them.

Episode of the new Netflix series 7 Days Out shows what it takes to run the world’s best restaurant.

Here are the food terms we searched for on Google in 2018. You won’t believe what’s number one…

Giant Bluefin Tuna goes for record price at New Year’s Day auction in Tokyo.

From around the web…

We had a glut of Food Trends reports towards the end of last year, including our usual totally accurate and prescient predictions, but there’s room for one more as this one is interesting. Forbes spoke to Latent View Analytics who used a combination of Data Analysis and Artificial Intelligence to come up with a 2019 Food Trends article.

Food is more and more politicised and that’s not going to change in 2019 or anytime ever most probably. We really enjoyed this approach fro FT. How Food SPending Divides the World, a data-rich long read on the varying cost of food around the world and what it says about economic inequality today.

It’s one whole year since this wonderful blog post from The Everywhereist. It’s still wonderful.

Nearly one-third of UK shoppers say they have been tempted to eat or taste their personal care products, as the line between food and beauty is increasingly blurring. Does that mean we’re equally tempted to rub our dinner into our faces in the restaurant?

We enjoyed this Podcast from Vinepair about whether it’s possible to really make a living in the restaurant industry these days. 

As the US government shutdown continues, The Guardian ran this piece revealing that the US is stockpiling cheese, threatening domestic producers. Perhaps those blocks of cheese could be stacked to form some kind of wall?

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