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The Video-Art Installation by MASBEDO Duo at Cracco’s Restaurant Hits Milan

Two women and a man sit at a table, you look at them and they’re supposed to be waiting to dine. But it’s not a simple scene from a restaurant. It’s a game of seduction, tension, and magic. The atmosphere is electrifying, magnetic, you feel like anything could happen…

Welcome to Milan, to Galleria Vittorio Emanuele, to the new video art installation that enriches chef Carlo Cracco’s restaurant as part of the Galleria Cracco project. The project tasks young, contemporary, Italian artists with installing their art in the “half-moons” of the upper part of the facade of the historical Liberty building, where Cracco’s restaurant is located, in heart of Milan.

This “visual dinner” is a project called Romans Roman (Hommage à Roman Signer) by MASBEDO. Nicolò Massazza and Iacopo Bedogni are the artists, both from and based in Milan, and their installation consists of three videos – one for each “half-moon”. The three protagonists are merged in a sophisticated and tense atmosphere, making the audience wonder how the scene will unfold. But what makes “Romans Roman” really unique is its ability to project the mind on the screens with an incredible energy. With very few words, it is the expressive power of images at its best.

“Galleria Cracco” aims to be a real trait-d’union between food, architecture, design and art: the distinguishing features of the Italian “know-how”. This is the second appointment: chef Cracco, in collaboration with Sky Arte, kicked off the series of this kind of exhibition in April 2018 with Heterochromic (Rosa e Carlo) by Patrick Tuttofuoco.

Below, you can enjoy a selection of the powerful images from Romans Roman (Hommage à Roman Signer).



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