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11 Ideas from Potatoes to Seafood

If you love nothing more than a bubbly golden cheesy topping and crunch on your oven ready dishes, look no further than an “au gratin.”

Au gratin, pronounced “oh GRAH-tan”, refers to any dish baked with a golden topping of seasoned breadcrumbs and cheese. 

It’s hugely adaptable and can elevate the humble potato to creamy and crunchy heights right through to crowning a regal lobster.

Here are just 10 ideas of how to put “au gratin” into your menu:

Au Gratin Recipes

Lobster au Gratin

A combination of three cheeses are melted on top of this freshly cooked lobster in this video recipe below. Top tip: to avoid overcooking the lobster, use a blow torch to achieve the lovely finished golden colour on top.


Seafood au Gratin

Seafood lovers try this smokey fish pie in a creamy white sauce topped off with mashed potato and a crumbly and crunchy cheese and herb mixture.


Scallops au gratin

Succulent and delicate scallops served in their shells with a golden crunchy topping, make a great appetizer.


Mussels au gratin

Individual mussles can be elevated to “au gratin” heights with this simple recipe.


Cauliflower au gratin

A classic cauliflower au gratin, bubbling hot from the oven with a golden topping is sure to become a family favourite. Serve with crusty bread and a bottle of robust red wine.


Potatoes au gratin

Nothing beat classic side dish of decadent creamy potatoes fresh from the oven. 


Artichokes au gratin

Try splitting whole artichokes and turning them into a tasty appetiser or side dish with this easy recipe. 


Spinach au gratin

This creamy spinach dish with a hint of paprika is perfect as a side dish.


Fennel and potato gratin

Add some aniseed notes to you potato gratin with fennel and fennel seeds all topped off with creamy camembert. Here’s the recipe.


Baked Sweet Potatoes Au Gratin

If you love sweet potatoes, try slicing them and baking them topped off with creamy pecan nuts in this simple recipe.


Brussel Sprouts, Potato and Cabbage au gratin

If you’ve got lots of leftovers, look no further than this simple and rewarding gratin. Cooked brussels, potatoes and cabbage can be taken to new heights in this creamy velvery sauce with crunchy topping. Here’s the recipe.


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