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14 Christmas Cakes That Will Brighten Your Holiday Table

This Christmas treat your family and friends to decadent desserts made with love. These festive Christmas cakes will bring smiles to your holiday table as guests ooh and aah over your tempting homemade sweets.  

Whether you are up for baking an elaborate Christmas cake or fun cupcakes, you’ll love every single one of these delightful Christmas cakes. Be sure to keep the recipes around for next year. Enjoy!

Mini Christmas Cakes

These adorable mini Christmas cakes are studded with dried fruit and topped with a luscious marzipan icing. The Christmas garnishes are to die for!

Get the recipe here.

Drunken Panettone

Panettone is an Italian classic served at Christmas time. This “drunken” version refers to the cake being glazed with chocolate.

Here is the fun recipe to the whole family will love.

Green Christmas Pineapple Cake

This fresh pineapple cake with a marzipan topping and shortbread crust is a colorful homage to Christmas.

Click here for this Christmas cake recipe.

‘Cotillon’ French Christmas Cake

An exquisite chocolate concoction coated in a luscious ganache that is known as “the queen of chocolate cakes.”

Learn how to make this gourmet Christmas cake.

Chocolate Yule Log Cake

Can a Christmas dinner be complete without a classic yule log cake? You’ll love this chocolatey version filled with a brandy-infused chestnut filling.

Click here for this Christmas cake recipe.

Christmas Walnut Bread

This traditional Swedish bread is perfect for treating those you love on Christmas. It’s great for breakfast or dessert.

Click here for the recipe.

Christmas Poppy Seed Streudel

This stunning Christmas streudel is flavored with poppy seeds and walnuts then glazed with a fragrant orange icing.

Get the recipe here.

Christmas Pudding and Custard

You’ll be a champ when you serve this beloved British Christmas pudding with a velvety custard sauce at your Christmas dinner.

Find the recipe here.

Christmas Roll Cake

Poppy seeds, hazelnuts, cacao powder, spices and candied fruit make a wonderful filling for this light and airy rolled Christmas cake.

Click here for this special Christmas cake recipe.

Fairy Christmas Cakes

These buttery Christmas cupcakes made with pecans, cornflour and topped with glazed orange slices for an extra special touch.

Get this Christmas cake recipe by clicking here.

Santa Cupcakes

What can be sweeter than biting into a Santa cupcake? It is a treat kids and adults will adore.

Learn how to make these Christmas cupcakes.

Mini Panettone Cakes

For an Italian twist try whipping up these mini panettone cakes filled with vanilla cream. A spectacular dessert that will surely become a family favorite.

Click here for this Christmas cake recipe.

Christmas Cupcakes

These chocolate Christmas cupcakes are topped with a white chocolate icing and colorful sprinkles.

Get this Christmas cupcake recipe here.

Snowman Cupcakes

Everyone will adore these beautiful snowman cupcakes complete with a hat and scarf.

Learn how to make this fun Christmas treat.

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