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3 Recipes For The Best Appetizer Ever

Little smokies are the perfect appetizer for game day or anytime you want to feed a large number of people. These cocktail weiners doused in barbecue sauce are always a crowd pleaser and what makes them even more fantastic is that they are super easy to make.

Little smokies can be prepared on the stovetop or in the slow cooker, giving you lots of flexibility as you can serve them right from the slow cooker or arrange them on a serving platter.

Below you’ll find easy recipes for little smokies that are guaranteed to be a hit.

Classic Little Smokies Recipe

To feed a dozen people you’ll need:

  • two packages of beef cocktail weiners
  • one bottle of your favorite BBQ sauce (preferably 18 oz)

Combine the little smokies with the barbecue sauce in a large sauté pan and cook for 10 minutes until warmed through and golden.

Crock Pot Little Smokies Recipe

This enticing recipe calls for slow cooking little smokies in barbecue sauce, molasses, brown sugar and beer. The result is spectacular!

Bacon Wrapped Little Smokies with Brown Sugar

Brown sugar smokies are the appetizer of your dreams: sweet, salty and meaty. The smokies are wrapped in bacon and arranged on skewers. They are then sprinkled with brown sugar and baked until golden. Yum!

For a fun twist on a classic hot dog, try making this seafood version prepared with sea bass.

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