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How to Cook Monkfish by Michelin Chefs

We’ve covered plenty of seafood in our Michelin chefs cook series, but we’ve yet to explore the delicious culinary depths of monkfish.

This juicy and robust fish has flesh similar to a lobster, hence it’s nickname – poor man’s lobster, and a mild flavour that lends itself to a variety of cooking techniques, from roasting to pan frying. However, cooking monkfish for the first time can be intimidating, especially given its size and unusual anatomy.

Where possible buy monkfish tail from the fishmonger, ready filleted, so you can get straight to experimenting with cooking this super succulent fish.

Below four Michelin chefs demonstrate how to cook monkfish to its fullest potential, from Gordon Ramsay to Eric Ripert. Take a look.

How to Cook Monkfish 

In this first video recipe British chef Sam Moody explains how to make his Crispy Brixham monkfish in a tempura spiced batter with spiced tomato and curry mayonnaise.


Next up, French chef Eric Ripert explains how to overcome the fear factor handling monkfish while making a roast loin of monkfish with ragu of morels, asparagus and snow peas to an appreciative audience of Martha Stewart.


Next, a video back in time reveals a younger chef Ramsay making roasted monk fish in a mussel broth, explaining the importance of removing the moisture from monkfish before cooking.


Last up is chef Theo Randall sharing a recipe for monkfish fillet, pink fir apples and tomatoes the weekend.  If you like that, you can also try Randall’s recipe for monkfish with artichoke and prosciutto.

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