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The Ultimate Chocolate Cake Recipe

What makes the ultimate chocolate cake recipe? Is it the springiness of the sponge, the sweetness of the cream icing, or is it just the pure chocolatey-ness of it all?

Made up adjectives aside, this ‘ultimate chocolate cake’ recipe from the team at ChefSteps seems to tick every (cake) box.

They’ve added glycerol monostearate to make the cake extra moist and spongy, but you don’t have to.

From there it’s just a whole load of the good stuff; sugar, chocolate, vanilla and even buttermilk. There are a few little tricks too, like boiling the water first to give the cake a super velvety texture.

The results look amazing and we’re desperate to try it, so if you do, let us know how you get on over on our Facebook page – you can even send us pictures!

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