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11 Michelin Starred Restaurants to Try

When we think of the region of Langhe, the land of fine wines and truffles in the heart of Piedmont in northern Italy, the first place that comes to mind is certainly Alba, especially when the annual International Truffle Fair arrives.

This famous, yet small town is, in fact, like the small capital of the beautiful area washed by the Tanaro, with excellent restaurants such as Piazza Duomo by Enrico Crippa (three Michelin stars) and Larossa by Andrea Larossa (one Michelin star).

However, besides Alba, there are plenty of other pearls to discover, both well known and lesser known, scattered among the hills and the paths of Langhe.

Here are another ten starred restaurants of the Langhe that we suggest you try and love.

Locanda del Pilone, Madonna di Como – ALBA 

Try the regional cuisine revisited by chef Federico Gallo in Località Madonna di Como, just outside Alba. In a historical and welcoming courtyard, Locanda del Pilone’s attentive staff welcome guests with an equally attractive wine list of one thousand and four hundred wine labels. One Michelin star.

Strada della Cicchetta 34, Location Madonna di Como – Alba (CN)

Damiano Nigro/Villa D’Amelia, Benevello 

In a room made of sumptuous windows and pleasant views of the hills, chef Damiano Nigro takes you on a journey into his vision of haute cuisine. There are three set menus, one of which is vegetarian, a real treat in a land where meat is almost an inevitable part of every meal. One Michelin star.

Inside the same building, there’s also the DaMà restaurant, more informal and experimental, yet still curated by chef Nigro.

Location Manera 1, Benevello (CN)

La Madernassa, Guarene 

Photo: Brambilla Serrani

La Madernassa looks like a beautiful country estate complete with a swimming pool. But it’s so much more: inside it’s possible to try the Michelangelo Mammoliti’s cooking, a young chef whose slogan could be “Eat local.” Mammoliti pays homage, with his dishes, the territory, while enriching them with what is his experience: now with exotic techniques, now with ingredients from his childhood and his memory. One Michelin star.

Location Lora 2, Guarene (CN)

All’Enoteca, Canale

What chef Davide Palluda proposes is not just a gastronomic journey, but a journey through time. His Piedmontese menu, in a creative key, is prepared using not only the best ingredients from the region, but using, often and willingly, ancient cooking techniques. Of course, to make the special experience also helps the location: two very elegant rooms and the courtyard of a nineteenth-century kindergarten. One Michelin star.

via Roma 57, Canale (CN)

Antica Corona Reale, Cervere 

In a truly enchanted location, an 1815 building with fireplaces and brick vaults, Gian Piero Vivalda welcomes his guests with the warmth of his staff and traditional dishes, where tajarin and truffle are never lacking. The Antica Corona Reale has two Michelin stars.

via Fossano 13, Cervere (CN)

Marc Lanteri al Castello, Grinzane Cavour

Not far from Alba we find what is a historic home in the true sense of the word: the ancient home of Cavour. Here chef Marc Lanteri, half Piedmontese and half Provençal, takes inspiration from his origins and a childhood spent in the small village of Tenda, just beyond the border with France, creating visionary and delicious dishes that often employ local ingredients. Amy Marcelle Bellotti, the chef’s historic business partner, manages the restaurant. One Michelin star.

via Castello 5, Grinzane Cavour (CN)

Osteria Arborina, La Morra

With just 30 covers the restaurant of Andrea Ribaldone, a talented chef who often plays with the flavours and textures of his dishes. The menu of Osteria Arborina can be defined as contemporary Piedmont and the room respects this philosophy, with its classic elegance embellished with design elements. One Michelin star.

Frazione Annunziata 27, La Morra (CN)


Here you can find the most authentic Langhe. Surrounded by vineyards, 21.9 restaurant is located on a beautiful estate. At the stove, chef Flavio Costa proposes his cuisine that defines “warm, modern, instinctive, linear and immediate.” Immediate, yes, his dishes are in fact almost all built on three main ingredients. One Michelin star.

Location Carretta 4, Piobesi d’Alba (CN)

Il Centro, Priocca

If you love Piedmontese fritto misto, this is the address for you. In fact, Elide Mollo prepares gourmet Piedmontese dishes and offers over 600 wine labels. The restaurant is informal and welcoming, including wooden furniture and antique lamps. One Michelin star.

via Umberto I 5, Priocca (CN)

Guido da Costigliole, S. Stefano Belbo 

Now you will have understood, it’s difficult to find a corner of Langhe that is not steeped in history. This restaurant is the umpteenth confirmation: housing chef Luca Zecchin‘s cooking it is, in fact, a seventeenth-century monastery, now transformed into a hotel. The menu is 100% langarolo and the wine selection is extensive. One Michelin star. 

Località S.Maurizio 39, S.Stefano Belbo (CN)

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