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A Selection of Pictures by Brittany Wright

Brittany Wright is a California-based food photographer that captures rainbows of colour in food, making a celebration of the colour and shapes of ingredients.

Bored by a job that no longer inspired her and fascinated by food, her interest in photography began in 2012. Her passion soon became a job, in which ingredients are the protagonists.

Her culinary still lifes focus on fresh and raw ingredients selected and sorted by colours or varieties. The result is gradients or patterns based on the aging process of vegetable and fruits, where the beauty of food is celebrated in a colourful way.

All the colours of the (food) rainbow

When she launched the Instagram hashtag #foodgradients  on her Instagram account @wrightkitchen to showcase her edible rainbows, it rapidly achieved great success on the Social Media. In 2017, she decided to turn her into a book, Feast your Eyes, edited by Little Brown

We made a selection of amazing pictures from the photographer’s book, check out some of her lovely colourful works below.








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