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Does Having 13 People At The Table Bring Bad Luck?

Here at Fine Dining Lovers, we are not only fans of gourmet food but also the fun superstitions surrounding the kitchen. We’ve already explored why bread should never be served facing down and the superstitions behind chilies, but there is one other belief we wanted to investigate: does having 13 places at the table bring back luck?

Most people know that the number 13 is plagued with a bad reputation, but is there any truth to it? Let’s take a look at how this became an unlucky number.


Indeed, according to popular belief, having 13 people gathered around the table may bring bad luck and can even predict a fatal event. This superstition was born from a passage in the Bible referring to the Lord’s Supper, where Jesus shares a meal with his 12 apostles. It was after this famous meal that Jesus was betrayed by Judas. The latter was then arrested before being crucified.

Since then, it is customary to say that having 13 people at the table is bad luck. If this happens, it is said that the youngest of the table will die soon because Jesus was the youngest of the Lord’s Supper and was destined to die after this meal. 

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