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Funazushi Sushi Takes 3 Years to Prepare

Here’s a dish all serious sushi heads will want to seek out: it’s called funazushi and is said to be the origin of sushi itself. 

As opposed to haya-nare sushi, the type of sushi most of us enjoy today, vinegered rice with raw fish that is made and consumed quickly, funazushi is non-hare and is made using carp, which is gutted, salted and then fermented in wooden barrels for up to three years.

The dish can be found in Japan’s Shiga Prefecture, using only fish from Lake Biwa, and is said to have a saltiness like caviar. Indeed, those who make it describe it as kind of a fish prosciutto.

The dish is served with rice and we’re betting it’s one potent bite. Find out more about how it’s made in the video below from Great Big Story.

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