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How to Cook and Eat the Superfood

Smaller and more potent than the yellow variety, the red banana is a type of exotic fruit  from Mauritius, where it is produced and enjoyed. Rich in vitamins and potassium, the red banana is perfect to use in smoothies and due to its nutritive properties, is considered a superfood. 

But how do you eat it and where can you find the red banana? We at Fine Dining Lovers have gathered tips, and a couple of ways to eat red banana. 

Red Banana: What Is It? 

A mini variant of the better known yellow bananas, red bananas are distinguished by their characteristic colour, which ranges from purple to brown, depending on the degree of ripeness. Red bananas have a taste very similar to that of yellow bananas, with a slight hint of raspberries. In Central America, red banana juice is considered an important (and effective) aphrodisiac, while in India this type of banana is a symbol of fertility. The main world producers are Thailand (where it is used to prepare green curry), Ivory Coast, Colombia and Ecuador. 

Red Banana: Properties 

Just like the yellow variety, the red banana has many properties: it is rich in potassium, an excellent aid for the muscles and useful to counteract cramp, especially during sports. In addition, this type of banana helps to regulate blood pressure and contributes to proper digestive functioning.

Red Banana: How to Eat It

There is no secret: wait for the banana peel to become darker or populated with brown spots. This is the unequivocal sign that the banana has reached the right degree of ripeness and is ready to be consumed. Perfect by themselves, they can be cut into pieces and added to a fruit salad or as a topping to a generous amount of ice cream.

Red Banana: How to Cook It

With a soft and creamy texture, a perfect way to cook red bananas is to use them in your desserts or baked goods, like this easy banana bread. This sugary fruit will infuse the right amount of natural sweetness and will add flavour to your desserts. Replace the classic yellow banana in your smoothies or use to flavour yogurt: great results guaranteed!

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