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Top 10 Pie Recipes for Pi Day

lemon chiffon pie

Imagine if everyone showed up at your home with a different pie this Pi Day. How fabulous would that be? Then you wouldn’t have to play favorites between lemon chiffon and blueberry, grasshopper and key lime.


Here are 10 of our favorite pie recipes, all the better to ring in Pi Day with.

1. Black Bottom Pie

Chocolate lovers can enjoy Pi Day too, folks! This black-bottom pie features bittersweet chocolate, cocoa powder, and dreamy waves of meringue. Final flourishes include orange zest, more chocolate, and a spin under the broiler for a restaurant-worthy look.

2. Deep-Dish Apple Bourbon Streusel Pie

apple bourbon pie

Have you heard about this pie yet? Packed with six full pounds of apples and made in a big dish to feed more folks, it’s a hit among our readers. The secret ingredient? Three tablespoons of caramelly bourbon, poured right in with the apples. This is a knockout.

3. White Chocolate Grasshopper Pie

grasshopper pie

A delightful throwback involving crème de menthe, chocolate, and whipped cream, grasshopper pie is beloved among adults for good reason. (Did they pick the creepy-crawly name to keep kids at bay?) There’s a little bit of prep work, but the crust is press-and-bake, as opposed to a roll-out, which we love for smaller kitchens. And the result is creamy, beautiful, and just the right amount of minty. 

4. Blueberry Pie

blueberry pie

Blueberry pie is sort of the Platonic ideal of desserts. Gooey and bubbling and sweet and tart, with the mandatory scoop of vanilla ice cream alongside, it’s a daydream. Eat it for breakfast, at brunch, or for dessert. Pair it with bubbly, sherry, Riesling, or cold beer. This recipe is particularly fabulous since you can use pre-made pie shells.

5. Key Lime Pie

Key lime pie aficionados would quibble that their pie should reign supreme, which is why you should make sure to have every pie possible at a Pi Day fete. This recipe is cheaper than a flight to Miami, but arguably just as delightful. We love the finishing touch of whipped cream, and the spicy, easy gingersnap crust.

6. Pumpkin Pie

It doesn’t need to be Thanksgiving for you to have a pumpkin pie on the table. This five-star wunderkind of a recipe has so many fans because it uses pure pumpkin puree (as opposed to one laden with spices and preservatives). You add the spices yourself, which makes a difference in the freshness and the bouquet that fills your home.

7. Deep-Dish Cherry Pie

cherry pie

In a head-to-head battle between a dripping slice of blueberry pie and an equally gorgeous cherry pie contender, we’re not sure which we’d choose. How beautiful is this cherry pie? Stunningly simple to make, with about half a dozen ingredients, it requires only the freshest fruit. Decorations are, as the saying goes, the cherry on top.

8. Pecan Pumpkin Butter Pie

pecan pie

Even those who don’t adore pecan pie have to admit that it’s among the most stunning of all the pies out there. This little number has a secret: jarred pecan pie filling. Sweet and unctuous, it’s the sort of shortcut we can get behind.

9. Apple-Ginger Cranberry Pie

Apple-Ginger-Cranberry Pie with Vanilla Ice Cream

Every once in a blue moon you taste something that packs all the loveliest flavors of a season (apple; ginger; cranberries) into one dreamy baked good. This is that pie, brimming with crystallized ginger, fruit, and cranberries. It conjures a leaf-peeping trip to Vermont, in the very best way.

10. Lemon Chiffon Pie

lemon chiffon pie

When was the last time you served citrus rather than chocolate for dessert? If it’s been a while, let this lemon chiffon pie be your entrée into that sunny world. There’s nothing like walking away from the dinner table feeling light on your feet. Even though this pie is luxe (cream!) and sweet, it’s also tart, thanks to a full three-quarter cup of bright-as-daylight lemon juice. It’s worth trying on Pi Day… or any day.

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