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How to Throw an All-Green St. Patrick’s Day Feast

collard greens


For St. Patrick’s Day this year, why not celebrate the luck of the Irish by eating green as well as wearing it? We have plenty of emerald recipes showcasing the hue in all its verdant varieties. Though green food tends to be healthful, there should be no shame in ending the meal with a green cupcake.


Celebrate St. Paddy’s day right with these all-green recipes:

1. Green Smoothie

green drink


Start your day with a kale-spinach-green apple smoothie spiked with pineapple and mint. It’ll match that lovely mint-green sweater you just put on, and should give you enough energy to get St. Paddy’s off to a rip-roaring start.

2. Taquería Guacamole


Is there ever a time when people don’t want to see guacamole on the table? We have a ton of great recipes, whether you like yours spiked with tomatoes and hot sauce or not. (There’s almost no wrong way to approach this classic.)

3. Strawberry-Kumquat Salad

strawberry kumquat salad

Does it need to be completely green? Nah. But you should have a salad on this table, and we’re smitten with this one. End-of-winter kumquats mingle with spring-is-coming strawberries. Arugula and in-season fava shoots add all the emerald notes you want.

4. Collard Greens with Lardons

collard greens

Speaking of things we never mind seeing in our greens, our beloved bacon makes a cameo here. Pork is the ideal foil for collards and a super-savory smoked onion jam from Blackberry Farm. (Don’t worry: You can also simply caramelize shallots.) This is the sort of side dish that’s so good people instinctively start making it more of their entrée as they dig in, so be sure to make extra.

5. Pea Soup

pea soup

If you’re not in the mood for greens or green beans, consider this silky pea soup. It makes good use of fabulous fresh spring peas (or frozen, depending on your druthers). You could pair it with ham and cheese sandwiches, as pictured, or serve it alongside other dreamy green dishes.

6. Minty Green Bean and Tomato Salad

green bean tomato salad

Those who love green beans tend to really love them. Indulge those guests and family members with a green-bean based salad. Substitute red tomatoes for yellow ones if they’re not in season near you, and use plenty of fresh mint—a half cup. This is the sort of sprightly vegetable presentation that can win over even a fussy child.

7. Cavatappi with Pesto, Potatoes and Green Beans

Pesto Potato and Green Bean Pasta Salad

The busy host has a soft spot for a dish that can be served hot, cold, or at room temperature. This beautiful, easy cavatappi dish packed with fresh basil fits that bill perfectly. Best of all, it’s ready in less than hour.

8. Indian-Style Spiced Greens with Paneer

Indian greens

Mustard greens and Swiss chard comprise the base of this bright, flavorful entrée. Don’t be daunted if you don’t cook much Indian food. It’s ready in less than an hour. The slightly bitter greens are balanced by super-soft paneer (a fresh cheese) and a luxe finishing swirl of heavy cream.

9. Broccoli with Tofu and Shiitakes

Thank goodness for dishes that cook in 40 minutes. This stir-fry is one of them. And, it’s packed with nutrient-rich broccoli rabe, shiitake mushrooms and ginger. Chili sauce adds heat, sesame oil lends an unctuous, aromatic note, and in a pinch, you can pick up rice from the local Chinese restaurant.

10. Emerald Cupcakes

green cupcake


Pick a favorite cupcake recipe and dress it up for the holiday. We quite love these “black-bottom” chocolate cupcakes, but you could do vanilla and tint the batter green with food coloring. Do try to do green frosting if possible—to delight anyone who remembers chowing down on these cupcakes as kids!

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