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5 great gourmet recipes to learn easily

Sure, you’ve probably had chicken marsala once or twice at a restaurant. But can you remember the last time you ever cooked with Marsala wine? This fortified wine from Sicily is an underused ingredient and it’s time to discover all it has to offer.

With these gourmet recipes you’ll learn easy techniques for cooking with Marsala wine. Whether you’d like to whip up an Italian ricotta cheesecake, scrumptious chocolate cake or a succulent pork chop dinner, everything tastes better with a splash of Marsala.

Here’s what to cook with Marsala wine:


Mushrooms and Marsala wine are a heavenly pairing. This dynamic duo makes an appearance in this exquisite recipe from British chef Theo Randall which includes pancetta, Swiss chard, and chanterelles. If you can’t find pigeon at your local market substitute with cornish hens.

Read the pigeon on bruschetta and chanterelles recipe.


Forget veal or chicken marsala, instead use pork to give this classic dish a fresh twist. The aromatic sauce is flavored with button mushrooms, garlic, meat stock and onions.

Read the full recipe of pork chops with mushroom marsala sauce.


You’ll love this luxurious ricotta cheesecake made with double cream, sheep’s milk ricotta, and crème fraiche.  Marsala wine and raisins add a pleasant sweetness.

Read the full recipe for ricotta cheesecake with marsala.


A spoon of this soft chocolate cake is enough to make you melt. The cherry on top is a heavenly mascarpone cream infused with Marsala wine and vanilla bean.

Read the full recipe for this chocolate cake with marsala.


Most tiramisu recipes are served chilled but not this delicious version served with a delectable zabaglione – a rich sauce prepared with egg yolks, Marsala wine, and cocoa powder.

Read the full recipe for warm tiramisu.

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