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A Selection of Food Films from the Culinary Cinema Festival

Life is delicate” was the motto of the 12th edition of Culinary Cinema, held during the Berlinale Film Festival, from 18 to 23 February 2018. This year the food film section featured nine documentaries and a film on the relationship between food, culture and politics. 

“The delicate motif of remembering and forgetting, of reflecting on the past and a new beginning, is typical of food and can be found in many films of the 12th Culinary Cinema,” stated Thomas Struck, curator of the Festival.

The line-up of international food films was completed by some film inspired cooking from international chefs as Michael Kempf, Sonja Frühsammer Thomas Bühner, Flynn McGarry, and The Duc Ngo.

If you were unable to attend this year’s edition, enjoy this selection of trailers of the movies projected during the Culinary Cinema Festival.

La quête d’Alain Ducasse by Gilles de Maistre

23 restaurants around the world and 18 Michelin stars: Alain Ducasse is one of most famous chefs in the world. This documentary film by Gilles de Maistre chef shows how Ducasse has created “memories that last” during his career.

Our Blood Is Wine by Emily Railsback

Emily Railsback presented this documentary about the origin of the tradition of winemaking and vine cultivation in Georgia. 

Cuban Food Stories by Asori Soto

A road movie in Cuban flavours, in which Asori Soto takes us to remote places where delicacies are prepared according to gastronomic tradition.

Ramen Teh by Eric Khoo

Eric Khoo introduces us to the multi-ethnic city of Singapore, where food is a means to preserving memories, but also to achieve reconciliation.

The Game Changers by Louie Psihoyos

In The Game Changers, the Oscar-winner Louie Psihoyos highlights how athletes can maintain a healthy weight without eating meat.

Soufra by Thomas Morgan – CHECK

Soufra is a film about how a group of Lebanese woman succeed in organising a food truck ina refugee camp.

Chef Flynn by Cameron Yates Chef Flynn

© Will McGarry

In this documentary, Cameron Yates makes a portrait of the teenage chef Flynn McGarry, celebrated by the New York press as a ‘culinary prodigy’.

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