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Our Favorite Heart-Shaped Recipes on the Internet


A genius pepperoni pizza from How Sweet Eats. (Photo credit: How Sweet Eats.)


Yes, you could make something chocolatey for Valentine’s Day. Or you could concoct some sort of rose-themed treat.


But why not go all the way, and put hearts right into your menu? It’s the sort of over-the-top move that can be as amusing as it is wonderful (see: this pizza from the clever How Sweet Eats). Other times a heart motif can be elegant and gorgeous, as in the stacked lemon bundt cake from Not Without Salt. Scroll for our favorite heart-shaped recipes from around the web, including appetizers, entrées, cocktails, and desserts, some of which feature our very own products. They’ll leave you swooning.


Strawberry and Rose Sorbet Champagne from Sugar & Cloth


The genius strawberry and rose sorbet Champagne from Ashley Rose at Sugar & Cloth. (Photo credit: Sugar & Cloth.)


Ashley Rose—we can’t make up that last name!—of Sugar & Cloth knocks it out of the park with a trio of iconic Valentine’s Day ingredients: roses, Champagne, and strawberries. Her strawberry-rose sorbet mingles dried organic rose petals with lemon juice and sugar. It’s a snap to make; just use your blender or food processor. Add gin or vodka (dealer’s choice) and bubbly, and you’ve got a gorgeous treat to kick off V Day with a bang. Get the recipe here!


Heart Caprese Salad

Heart-shaped mozzarella in a gorgeous Caprese salad at our Temecula, California store. (Photo credit: Williams-Sonoma Instagram.)


Valentine’s Day doesn’t need to be all about heavy food (although few will turn down a good steak). Offer a simple appetizer in addition to the main course, like this sweet Caprese salad with mozzarella hearts. Make the simple-as-can-be starter using our heart-shaped cookie cutters. It’ll leave your beloved starry-eyed (or is it heart-eyed?).


Lemon Cake With Raspberries


A lemon cake studded with ruby raspberries that looks like this? Sign us up! Not Without Salt has done something truly marvelous here. Her smart recipe, an Ina Garten adaptation, combines lemon, berries and buttermilk with a simple but stunning vanilla bean glaze. She lets our three-tiered Bundt pan do much of the work on the presentation side of things, and has clearly thought about how to showcase the shape most beautifully. Give her recipe a whirl, and tag us at #WSValentinesDay on Instagram to tell us how it worked out!


Heart-Shaped Pizza


A genius pepperoni pizza from How Sweet Eats. (Photo credit: How Sweet Eats.)


If you can make pizza, you can make heart-shaped pizza. This recipe from How Sweet Eats requires only jarred sauce and a ball of buffalo mozzarella, then you’re off to the races. (Her trick for an extra layer of heart-shaped awesomeness: Simply use kitchen shears to snip folded, tiny hearts of pepperoni into tear shapes.) If you’ve never done this for Valentine’s Day before, know that the cheesiness factor (heh, heh) is a good thing, and will bring a smile to your sweetheart’s face.


Strawberry Sweetheart Slab Pie

A heartbreaker of a “strawberry sweetheart slab pie.” (Photo credit: Jillian Harris.)


If you’ve got heart-shaped cookie cutters, you’re well on your way to a dessert that’ll dazzle. Jillian Harris knows this, and showcases the strength of the shape with a strawberry slab pie that relies upon frozen strawberries (so easy! so genius!) and a simple food processor dough. The thing we love most, though? She makes it in a baking sheet, so you can feed absolutely everyone you love in one go.

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