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Writer Unboxed is 12 Today! (Plus: a Present!)

Former WU contributor (and current children’s book author/illustrator sensation) Debbie Ohi created this comic for Writer Unboxed on our tenth anniversary. That, in truth, seems long ago, as much has changed in our world since January, 2016. Despite all of that–the churn of time and all its chaos–we have persevered, and continue to provide our readers with positive and empowering content to help inspire creativity, instill courage, improve craft, and spread wisdom as we write on.

If you’d like to support our site, which is now maintained solely through direct contributions and advertising, please consider making a one-time payment to WU via PayPal [PayPal.Me/WriterUnboxed ] or becoming a regular sponsor by giving a few dollars per month. If you’re about to release a book or have a service to offer, please consider taking out an ad to support WU, for a win-win-win.

A big thank you to all who have contributed already over these many years! We maintain an updated page in your honor, which you can see HERE and at the top of the right-hand sidebar.

Perhaps most importantly, thank you for supporting us through conversation, by adding your voice to those sounding off in comments after our essays, and by sharing our posts over social media networks like Twitter and Facebook. Your earnest and vocal enthusiasm for our content is why we carry on, make no mistake.

And since it’s WU’s birthday, we thought it a great time to unwrap a special present, one with YOUR name on it–at least if you are an Apple user:

Yes, we have commissioned an app–and it’s free!  Now you can take WU with you wherever you go, read articles easily (something we think our email subscribers will particularly appreciate), and keep the WU logo within sight on your devices, to remind you of who you are and that WU always has your back–even when tucked into your front pocket. Neat, huh?

Thank you for 12 amazing years, WU’ers. We appreciate you, and hope we remain connected for many years to come.

Write on!


Writer Unboxed began as a collaboration between aspiring novelists Therese Walsh and Kathleen Bolton in January, 2006. Since then the site has grown to include ~40 regular contributors–including bestselling authors and industry leaders–and frequent guests. You can follow Writer Unboxed on Twitter, or join our thriving Facebook community.

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