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The 5 Recipes You Loved in 2017

Our Instagram is a smart place to find all sorts of cooking inspiration all year long. In 2017, people who follow the Williams Sonoma account went nuts for an eclectic variety of looks and flavors. The top five reflect some perennial faves (chocolate; cheesecake; cookies) plus some surprises, as least to us. (Creamy polenta with mushrooms, we’re looking at you!)


Of course, one of the things we’re proudest of here at Williams Sonoma is our ability to deliver—along with these mouthwatering photos—the genius recipes our test kitchen develops and tests until each is perfect. So here, without further ado, are a handful of your favorite Instagrams of the year. We’re pleased to be able to vouch for their deliciousness as well as their beauty.


“Perfect” is not a word we use lightly, but these cookies are somehow chewy and crispy. A full teaspoon of vanilla contributes a buttery, caramelly flavor. This is such a simple recipe that using the highest quality chocolate chips you can find will make these babies even more of a treat.


A to-die-for potato dish with only four ingredients? Butter, thyme, and salt are always a dream when paired with potatoes. This love child of potato chips and crisp-edged roast spuds makes that dream a reality. A mandoline is key, if you have one, for making uniformly thin slices of potatoes, but a talented and patient cook could simply use a sharp knife.


Seasonal pomegranate seeds add a punch of color and a holiday vibe—not to mention a sweet pop—to this luxe chocolate ganache hazelnut tart. Don’t let the word “ganache” intimidate you, either. The whole gorgeous dessert comes together in less than an hour.


When the mercury drops, there’s almost no dish better than polenta—the cozy blanket of foods—especially when it’s vamped up with Parmesan and mushrooms. It’s no surprise that y’all went as crazy as we did for the looks of this simple winter warmer. Sweet corn and fresh herbs put its flavor over the top.



If you’ve got 15 minutes on a weekday to prep for a big weekend party, this cheesecake—only 40 minutes of hands-on time—is completely within your reach. Honey, graham cracker crumbs, apricot jam and nectarines mingle to delightful effect. Once you’ve made one, cheesecake will be in your regular repertoire, which will please everyone you know.

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