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The Week in Bites | 22 October 2017

Roadtrip to Maine

This week at Fine Dining Lovers we kicked things off with a special road trip through the state of Maine in the United States.

Enveloped in stunning oranges, reds and yellows, the scenery of Maine is delightful in autumn and there are plenty of places to enjoy a great meal.

Discover where to dine in Maine.

Identità Golose in the U.S.

Later on in the week we tapped into what happened in Chicago, New York and Boston as chefs from all over the world converged as part of the Identità Golose food congress.

The food congress was born in Italy and is sponsored by S.Pellegrino. Its mission is to bring Italian food traditions to nations all over the world.

Here’s what happened in the U.S.

In the blog

This week in the blog we shared the 2018 Micheling Guide to Chicago, tips on how to make a traditional English breakfast and the latest news on the S.Pellegrino Young Chef 2018 contest.

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