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What Is Jabong Fruit? | finedininglovers.com

Jabong fruit, as it is called in Hawaii, is an aromatic citrus fruit that also goes by the name of pomelo. It is native to Southeast Asia and is in season from fall to spring.

Although it looks like a very large grapefruit jabong fruit offers the sweetness of orange. It is delicious enjoyed fresh but can be a great addition to salads, seafood dishes and desserts.

The tricky part of jabong fruit is that it has a very thick skin. It may be removed by scoring the fruit and peeling it like a banana. All that remains is removing the pith (the bitter white part) with a knife and separating the pomelo into segments, as illustrated in this helpful video from FeastingInTheKnow:


If you are wondering how to use jabong fruit in the kitchen, these pomelo recipes will help you get it just right:

Jabong Fruit and Scallops

Pomelo, grapefruit, lime juice and olive oil make for a fabulous marinade for scallop carpaccio.

Click here for this decadent recipe.

Thai Jabong Fruit Salad

If you like things spicy you’ll enjoy this tasty Thai salad prepared with jabong fruit, chilies, cilantro, roasted peanuts and coconut.

Click here for the recipe from Hot Thai Kitchen.

Jabong Fruit Cocktail

Another great use for jabong fruit is to mix it into a cocktail. What could be more delicious than a pomelo and mint margarita?

Find the recipe over at The Communal Table.

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