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The Week in Bites | 30 July 2017

A Taste of Albania

This week at Fine Dining Lovers we kicked things off with a spectacular dining tour of Albania.

We traveled to Tirana, the nation’s capital, to sample a taste of exquisite local cuisine and the flavors of the nearby mountains.

Join us as we discover where to eat in Albania.

Around The World in Hot Weather Foods

We had a little fun this week sampling food from around the globe. We wanted to know how locals cool off in the summer.

We tasted everything from Spanish gazpacho and Italian gelato to Peruvian ceviche and beyond.

Check out our list of global foods to cool off.

In the blog

This week in the blog we brought you tips on how to make ceviche like a Peruvian chef, a list of 10 things you might be eating at the new Noma and the secret to making David Kinch’s famous granola cookie.

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