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Career Cliff Diving

Red Bull Cliff Diving in Bilbao on 13 September 2019 from the Zubizuri near the Guggenheim. Image: #RedBullCliffDiving Artistry in High Places As I was headed to the airport in Bilbao a week ago tomorrow to fly to Amsterdam, my taxi driver languidly pointed to the left and said, “Calatrava.” …

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Instant coffee

Instant coffee, also called soluble coffee and coffee powder, is a beverage derived from brewed coffee beans. Instant coffee is commercially prepared by either … source

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Maybe No One Will Notice

Photo by Bertalan Szürös Do you ever get the feeling that a scene you’re writing, just isn’t going to work? That no one would ever act this way? That no one would ever believe this outcome? Do you ever leave the questionable scene in any way because you need this …

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