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6 Signs You May Already Be Doing the Work of a Book Coach

Therese here to introduce Jennie Nash to you as our newest Writer Unboxed contributor! Jennie is the author of 9 books, and the founder and CEO of Author Accelerator, a company that trains book coaches. It’s a topic she knows well, since she’s been coaching writers for the last twelve …

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Play to Win

Photo by Daniel Novta Several lifetimes ago, I was a financial analyst for a large corporate healthcare system. Most of the finance analysts that I knew hadn’t started out in that field at all. Personally, I’d started out as an assistant who helped manage the books for our department. Most …

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Curses – Foiled Again!

Flickr Creative Commons: Juliana Coutinho It’s almost impossible to overstate the utility of foils in fiction. Technically speaking, a foil is either a character that contrasts with another character or (less commonly) a subplot that contrasts with the primary plot. When crafting a story, careful use of foils allows a …

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